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Welcome Page
        Welcome to my homepage

My name is Brian. I have been metal detecting in and around Connecticut for about 7 years. I love this hobby and have dedicated many hours to finding old coins and artifacts from my native Connecticut.  There is a vast amount of historical places to hunt that date back to the first settlers of this great nation. It is not unusual to hunt  a new park or school, and find coins dating back to the 1800's! If you have never hunted in Connecticut, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to find rare and beautiful turn of the century artifacts, as well as coins from that era. If you are interested in hunting in Connecticut, send me some mail. Maybe we can hunt together. I know of some nice spots that have given up many nice finds. I hope you enjoy my homepage. If you do, tell your friends to visit me. I try to update as much as possible, so stop back  soon! !!